About the brand

Meet Audrey Soie

Audrey Soie [ôdrē sua] is a designer from France. She loves and knows how to fill plain daily activity with bright colors and positive emotions. Her scarves will bring anyone into an unusual world full of sweet memories. Every scarf has its own story!

All Audrey Soie accessories are made of high-quality natural materials. Each piece is unique and individual in all respects, that is why our products are manufactured in limited series. Our customers say that they have found ‘what no one else has’.

The secret of Audrey Soie scarves is also in the authentic technology that unifies two classical methods of silk painting, so-called hot and cold batik.

The design of each scarf by Audrey Soie is unique. Each drawing is skillfully painted by hand and then transferred to a scarf with the help of special digital printer using ecological nontoxic inks. Audrey Soie are 100% organic scarves!

In the heart of Audrey Soie’s collection are exquisite silk foulards, memorable thanks to rich colors and an unusual pattern. The collection is complemented by a line of neckerchiefs, suitable for men’s suits. A simple and versatile accessory for creating stylish images is also proposed, which is author’s enamel rings for silk foulards.

Moreover, in our collection you will find a line of comfortable scarves with cashmere that will surround you with a pleasant heat and their authentic designs will necessarily raise your mood! Such scarfs are suitable both for the men and women. It is even possible to create beautiful family outfits! Each scarf is an exclusive handmade work. Enjoy Audrey Soie accessories, which are ready to arrive to you from France with love!

About the authentic technology

In addition to the author’s handwriting, I also use my own special technique for creating designs, combining two classical methods of painting on silk – so-called hot and cold batik.

In the cold batik, as in the classicism, clear outlines predominate, and painting itself is located between them, forming some kind of stained-glass panel. It is characterized by the clearness and accuracy and can convey calm, balanced, measured emotions. This technology could be used, if one would like transferring to silk majestic stained-glass panels in the cathedral of the holy family of Gaudi, that cause sincere trembling, or something like the famous Parthenon with its elements of the Ionic order, indicating the thoroughness and accuracy of Phidias’ design.

In the hot batik the artist reserves a figure by wax, passing from one layer to another. Foaming waves in a storm, the flying birds, an arisen to the racks horse – those are ideal heroes for the pictures of hot batik. In this technology, it is possible to reproduce on the silk famous “The Starry Night” of Van Gog or “The Ninth Wave” of Aivazovsky. Impressionists would appreciate abstractness and versatility of the obtained image, and seascapists – its liveliness and artistry.

But what to do if one desires to express the tender beauty of relations, and stormy emotions in the same image? After testing the traditional methods of batik, I understood that my emotions and the relations can be transmitted at their intersection, combining both methods: in such way, my author’s technology was born. Using it I managed to bring to life the images from my head which won’t be possible to recreate in any other genre. It combines all: graphics, water color, and oil painting… But the most essential thing, in my opinion, is that batik is a sensual painting. Everything depends on the mood, character, contemplation of nature. An artist sketches not so much by brush, as by heart! And batik cannot be better as a technology for expressing versatility of feelings.

About “Kaleidoscope” collection

If one looks into the oblong tube, similar to the small telescope, it is possible to see bright symmetrical mosaics from the glass, which resemble South Rose window of Notre Dame Cathedral, appearing by wonderful means.

In my childhood this toy caused a real delight. It was enough to turn it around the vertical axis and picture changed. As many times as you like. Not only amusing but also incomprehensible how this indescribable beauty is obtained? Now I know that kaleidoscope is an optical toy. Inside it, there are small colored glass pieces and along its longitudinal axis, three mirror surfaces are established. Colored glasses are reflected from the mirrors, creating unique patterns and elegant geometric ornaments. However, sensation of the magic that emergent in the childhood and feeling of surprise did not disappear despite the adult knowledge.

I personified the image of miraculous kaleidoscope in my figures. But instead of the colored glass, I used as the puzzles elements… of butterflies. Those, depicted on the foulards of “Kaleidoscope” series, exist also in nature. For instance, a butterfly called Papillio Maackii is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world. It is the most ancient butterfly in Russia. For me, it represents the symbol of the expectation of love, and the name its family speaks for itself: you will be so popular that fans will fall on your tail. And you will definitely feel butterflies in your stomach for someone special!