silk scarf "Romantic pions"

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Since ancient times, people have given peonies flowers the ability to attract love. According to legend, if an unmarried girl drops a bouquet of peonies in the bedroom, she will soon meet her lover. They say that such a bouquet was an indispensable attribute in the bedroom of Scheherazade, which conquered the cruel and impregnable heart of the sultan. You now have the opportunity to wear peonies closer to your heart on an elegant silk scarf!

The drawing is made on "wet" silk. In such a technique, the background is drawn when the colors are spreading and, by mixing, creates a pattern that defines the subject of the subsequent drawing "dry". It is important to moisten the silk. If moisture is not enough, the paint will not spread as we need it. And if you wet too much, the picture may not work. You can not moisten the entire leaf, but only a part of it or draw a shape with water. For this reason, the painting will spread only within these limits. On the silk - because of its characteristics - it is necessary to paint quickly because after the wetting, the fabric impregnates rather quickly. Once the desired shape is obtained, the paint is stopped in the hot air of a hair dryer.

When the outlines of water-colour peonies have been painted, subtle details have already been finished on a dried canvas. Thanks to the technique described, the colors of the scarf are very bright and the smears are light and evasive. There are no clear outlines, but only the image of delicate flowers, symbol of the fabulous and warm heart of love.

90x90cm, 100% pure silk satin, hand roll.

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