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The "Kaleidoscope" collection of silk scarves refers to my childhood. If one looks into the oblong tube, similar to the small telescope, it is possible to see bright symmetrical mosaics from the glass, which resemble South Rose window of Notre Dame Cathedral, appearing by wonderful means. Inside me, this toy caused a real delight. It was enough to turn it around the vertical axis and picture changed. As many times as you like. Not only amusing but also incomprehensible how this indescribable beauty is obtained? Now I know that kaleidoscope is an optical toy. Inside it, there are small colored glass pieces and along its longitudinal axis, three mirror surfaces are established. Colored glasses are reflected from the mirrors, creating unique patterns and elegant geometric ornaments. However, the sensation of the magic that emergent in the childhood and feeling of surprise did not disappear despite the adult knowledge.

I personified the image of the miraculous kaleidoscope in my figures. But instead of the colored glass, I used as the puzzles elements… of butterflies. Those, depicted on the foulards of “Kaleidoscope” series, exist also in nature. For instance, a butterfly called Papillio Maackii is one of the most beautiful butterflies in the world. It is the most ancient butterfly in Russia. For me, it represents the symbol of the expectation of love, and the name its family speaks for itself: you will be so popular that fans will fall on your tail. And you will definitely feel butterflies in your stomach for someone special!

This is a light, comfortable scarf delicately hand-painted and digitally printed on the highest quality silk in royal blue color fitting your exquisite outfits. 

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