silk foulard "Lake of Flamingos"

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The image of a fabulous lake is born from the dream of a beautiful country with a mild and warm climate, colorful sunsets and lush plants. There are surely brilliant flamingos, pleasant to look at. They stand on slender legs, having plunged into the sapphire water, almost without moving. Around - a forest of fairy tale trees unknown to all, whose foot is lined with a carpet of evergreen herbs. In the forest live good creatures that help people get into the essence of things. The mirror effect provides realistic images.

The design of the "Flamingo Lake" scarf was created using the technique of the author, Audrey Soie. This allowed for the transmission of both the splash of water and the fairly distinct contours of the foliage, as well as the thin legs of the pink flamingo and their dawn plumage. The creation of the "Pink Flamingos Lake" took several months and 17 layers of paint superimposed.

With the many shades, you'll be amazed at how well this scarf is combined with a variety of wardrobe items!

90x90cm, 100% satin silk, hand finished.

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