silk foulard "Sea of Lilac"

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Painters achieve perfection of their paintings in different ways. One artist – a friend of mine – used to make a directional smear first. If that one was not as she imagined, she would start over from another place, guiding the composition differently. That is why a painting turned out in several variations of in different ways. Personally, I do not use this technique; I prefer to go with one drawing instantly adding new and new details until I am satisfied with the result. However, I admit, there is some special charm in the above-described technique.
Once, passing by the studio of my friend, I was delighted with the huge number of variations of the painting of a blossoming lilac. Inspired by so similar, but still different branches, I decided to make a whole sea of lilac on silk. It turned out colourful, bright and detailed traced handkerchief. Twenty-seven watercolour drawings by the artist were used as an inspiration for its creation!

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